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WellCore Corporation is a private construction firm specializing in low raise residential construction around GTA. Our company believes that every family deserves a custom build house, specifically designed for needs of each family rather than family designed for a mass market needs.
Established in 2006 by three partners, dedicated their entire career to building industry, they created a powerful and unique building tool for those who do not satisfied with current real estate market offerings and seek a team that can build, renovate or add an addition at affordable costs and proven quality level.
Natalia is a professional designer and project manager with vast experience in construction industry. Her task is to help our customers to find an optimal solution for their needs and budget. Spending more than 20 years in residential design, building planning and on ongoing construction sites, she perfected her skills as interior and exterior designer and develops ability to match ideas and budget to complete satisfaction of our customers.
Vince is professional engineer for past 30 years spent his entire career on construction sites of Toronto and Canada. He has been working with largest construction names in GTA on variety of projects from subdivision houses construction to high rising developments. Through his career he solved thousands building related problems, develop amazing special trades’ skills and gain colossal knowledge base and experience in every aspect of residential construction. Now he is a head of our building division and helps our customers to build their dreams in reality.
Alex is York University graduate specializing in business and economics. Through his career he develops an outstanding customer service skill as well as deep knowledge of real estate market and construction practice in GTA. Working closely with our customer from initial contact until the final inspection he is providing a 24 hour support for our customers, plan a detailed budget for the project and organize professional and efficient links between customer, project manager and construction supervisor.
WellCore Corporations is the solution for many families who would like to have a custom made house. Working for many years In GTA we have been developing a net of suppliers and special trades’ contractors, to keep our prices affordable and our quality unquestionable.
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Our company provides full coverage of home building practices from initial project planning to actual construction. We will help you to obtain Building Permits from the city, prepare elegant, yet budget wise layout and build your project in stone and lumber. We will provide detailed estimate for a project free of charge and we are pledge to be available for our customers 24 hours a day should they have any question, notes or wishes.


Phone: (416)882 4606

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Demolition of walls, washrooms and rooms,Basement underpinning,Creating an open concept layout, Additional Permits for separate entrance, walk outs and openings, Washroom renovation and improvement, Making new openings, Installing new walls and partitions, HVAC works, Plumbing works, Electrical works, Interior finishes and wood crafting, Floors & Tiles & Heated Floors, Painting,
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