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The Design And Build Advantage

We are an integrated design and build firm, allowing our clients to achieve their vision through a single contract entity instead of having to coordinate with numerous consultants and contractors

This streamlined services avoids communications delays, improves construction timelines, enhances cost management capabilities and ensures accountability throughout all stages of the project. Fast-tracking your design and build projects is our speciality through our design-assist services. Using this structure, our design team works cohesively with our our construction managers in order to start the initial phase if construction while your vision is being developed for the space.

Transparent Pricing

Transparent pricing adds value to your build by allowing you to pay for what counts. We achieve this by not marking up interior finishes, building materials, and labour costs.

At the onset of the architectural design process we complete construction cost estimates in three phases to ensure the financial feasibility of the preliminary drawings, construction drawings, and interior design plans. We also provide you with full disclosure of up to three trade estimates for each phase of the construction process in order to avoid opportunistic pricing. As the build progresses, we bring these elements together and keep you up to speed with project costs by providing consistent financial breakdowns. This aspect of our structure stretches your dollar further.



The flexibility of our service allows you to develop your vision to the furthest extent possible with a high degree of control over construction costs. We achieve this by completing design changes at-cost whether they are cosmetic or structural.

This service provides you with the flexibility to take advantage of great design elements you may have in mind for your space, or to exclude certain design elements to reduce costs. In order to identify areas of savings, we undertake the construction estimating process and complete detailed cost comparisons between different structural, infrastructural, and design element options. This flexibility allows you to meet your financial goals when paired with our meticulous cost management structure.


Stay Updated

Our online scheduling and project management app allows you to view all pertinent information about your project from any device or location including project schedules, financial information, interior/exterior material selections, 24/7 messaging with your project manager, and photo updates.

At Sensus Design and Build we provide clients with access to our secure cloud based project management software. Whether you are at work, in the office, on the road, or on vacation Sensus Design and Build provides you with all information about your project right at your fingertips. It is accessible on all devices with an internet connection and works with any software platform. Don’t forget to download our app, available through the itunes App Store and the Google Play Store!

Our Services


Our Philosophy? Timeless Design, Functionality, and a Structured Process are at the centre of everything we do.



At Sensus, we understand that a home should be something more than a mass-produced commodity. It requires a high degree of personalized planning to ensure that all elements perfectly meet your creative and functional requirements. We pride ourselves on our method of analyzing your needs and developing innovative solutions that are precisely fitted to your lifestyle and personal taste.

Our team of designers apply years of project experience and material knowledge to create architecture that offers a combination of timeless visual appeal and unmatched functionality. We work with you through the design development process, prepare complete construction documentation, obtain the necessary permits, and closely supervise the construction.





Whether you are renovating your home or adding to it so that it supports your lifestyle, our team can help you to recreate spaces that are stylish, functional, and unique. We excel at being able to provide you with a firm understanding of available possibilities that allow us to retain, restore, and re-use the existing structure. In many situations this approach does not inhibit the design possibilities for the property and instead enhances your capabilities to save on infrastructural costs and allocate funds to high value yielding items. This approach also allows our team to preserve existing features of the home and re-incorporate them seamlessly if requested.


Our firm offers you limitless design and product selection possibilities, providing the creative flexibility to build your dream home while ensuring that it is completed in an efficient, stress-free, and positive manner. We achieve this through our collaborative process, where all divisions of our firm communicate throughout the planning and construction phases. This approach allows you to compare options, maximize cost effectiveness, and preserve the underlying design vision for your space. Our project management system also adapts to the specific requirements of your project, while offering flexibility and clarity throughout the build.




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