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BEYOND maintenance aims to bring the absolute best customer care and service quality available that go beyond expectations in delievring a seamless experience. We exist because we recognize the inconvienience and unreliablitly that comes with hiring maintenance contractors. We want to reinvent the industry and bring innovation to simplify the process from start to finish by removing the hassle of finding the right contractor for each of your home care needs. We employ certified specialists for every service we offer, so that we deliver the best results at everything we do. We plan on intruducing many great technological solutions throughout this summer that will definitely surprise you. Stay tuned!



5f60d8_af5c858a325c4195ba95230a13e83548WINDOW CLEANING: Our window cleaning service includes wiping dirt from your window sills,
frames, ledges, and we also include the screens with your interior cleaning.
Our eco-friendly products will guarantee a longer lasting shine so you can enjoy a cleaner view and get the most bang out of your buck.


Gutter Cleaning
GUTTER CLEANING: Its not just about removing the dirt from your gutters, we also conduct a thorough
inspection to make sure there is no damage causing any leakage, or anything clogging your drains.
If there is we will take care of sealing up to three cracks at no extra cost to you.


Chandelier CleaningCHANDELIER CLEANING: Chandeliers may be very tricky to clean, but you certainly don’t want to leave it
collecting dust year after year. Let our experienced professionals safely take care of it for you.
We guarentee a sparkling shine that will be sure to impress and leave you happy. 


5f60d8_5119d24411904de19e0b1b3c74eb8d0eASPHALT SEALING: Its important to find the right company to seal your driveway because improper sealing,
or using inferior products can actually damage your driveway rather than protect it. Find out why many
homeowners only trust us with their driveway sealing year after year.


5f60d8_25cde74ec19b496695c56b5cef267dc7INTERLOCK & CONCRETE: We offer a variety of professional maintenance services to get the most years
and appeal out of your interlock, and concrete landscapes. We specialize in interlock lift & relay, power-wash
cleaning, sealing with options for shine level, conrete color restoration and repair.


5f60d8_801d5fa61127448ba72e23e001d085b3SNOW REMOVAL: When it comes to snow removal, reliable service is key. You want someone who shows up
at the time you expect them to. Our services also let’s you GPS track our plow trucks so you are always informed
exactly when you driveway will cleaned and accessible.


Carpet CleaningCARPET CLEANING: Carpet cleaning is as important as personal hygiene. Proper deep cleaning will not only
prolong your carpets life, but it also promotes a heathlier home environment, and will make your carpet look brand new.
You will not believe the difference once its done… that’s only pro-expertise.


5f60d8_f172af3698a9490f86ce604dde788351FESTIVE LIGHTS: Whether you want to put up a small display to get in the holiday spirt, or you want people to
come from all over town get a glimpse of your dancing lights.  We’ve got you covered. We can take care of the installation,
take-down, storage, and maintenance of your lights. 


Solar Panel Cleaning
SOLAR PANEL CLEANING: We love green energy and to show our appreciation for those who take initiative in keeping 
our air clean, we will offer discounted prices on professional panel cleaning service removing dirt and snow in order to
help you get the most out of your panels.



Phone: 1(888) 344-0344

Address: 30 Capstan Gate, Unit 3 Concord, ON L4K 3E8.


We are continiously working on expanding the list of services we offer and have exciting addition we can not wait to share with you . Stay tuned by signing up for email notifications and we’ll send an exclusive  20% OFF coupon with each newly added service just for you.



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