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AKAL Concrete has gained lot of appreciations and goal in the concrete industry in residential and commercial projects. AKAL is the one of the most reputable companies in the region within the field of concrete finishes. AKAL is based in Brampton and expanded their qualities in Brampton, Mississauga and across GTA areas. This quality and appreciation has been gained cause of our knowledgeable, experienced and skilled co-workers. AKAL is continually growing and upgrading the qualities to make their customers happy with their experiences.

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Concrete is stronger and durable if it has been poured in proper manner by our experienced workers .The concrete used by the AKAL CONCRETE is 32 mpa. It is important to put the wiremash and steels underneath the concrete to expand the durability of concrete slabs. AKAL pours 4 to 6 inches concrete on the top of 3 to 6 inches 3/4 crushed stones. Various kind of the expansion joints are also used to join the old poured concrete to the new poured concrete. There is one more liquid compound glue been used to stick the new concrete on the top of the old poured slabs on porches, lobbies etc. Generally it takes about 24 hours for concrete to cure or if it all depend upon the outside temperature .more it is hotter less it takes time to get the concrete curing. Saw cuts have to be done after the curing of the concrete. These cuts are places as we have needed per slabs sizes to prevent from the cracks. The cracks usually come within the first year of completions.



The stamped concrete is getting do popular these days because everyone like to fulfill the colors in their lives. There are three types of the system to produce the stamped concrete. The stamping mats are used to create the different types of patterns on the concrete. The different types of the colors is added to the concrete .the release agent also used at the time of completion of stamping cause it is used to prevent the stamping pads to stick with the pours concrete and it also add the color to the ascent if the stamped concrete.



There are two different ways to add the color to the concrete .In which one way is to add the color directly into the ready mix truck. The look is less dramatic.Our method of stamping is to spread the color hardener on the top of the concrete. After spreading the color hardener it is been toweled into the concrete and then its been stamped using the release agent. These colors are more graceful.



Plain concrete doesn’t need any type of the maintenance rather than the special salt (* safe to use on concrete) .Stamped concrete requires you to have it sealed every couples years. During the winter it’s very important not to use the excessive salt or ice meter on the concrete. The showering with plastic shovels is best in snowfalls time. Never leave the excessive snow or ices on the concrete because it can damage the concrete.



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